Sunday, December 15, 2019

Nanya's Christmas Adventures... Enter Duvessa

Nanya found herself visiting Kingston Falls during the Christmas season,  and the town was under siege by Gremlins! She was overwhelmed.  Just when things looked most bleak for our heroine, the door was kicked open and entered her sister, Duvessa, swinging her necromancy sword. The blade, an elvish relic, traps the soul of those it kills and channels the energy into control of blood magics and spawning the undead.  Nanya and Duvessa rarely agree on anything, but they put aside their feud to enjoy the winter festivals.

 Duvessa swings her sword and decapitates the Gremlin, saving her sister from death by maniacal imp. They fix up the room, and Duvessa gives Nanya her winter festival gift...

Nanya's really not sure what she's supposed to do with a laser pistol. She'd much prefer
chocolates, or a box of hot cocoa. Duvessa and Nanya spend the evening telling each other
about their adventures on earth. Nanya as a bartender/hero, Duvessa as an assassin/cult leader.

Nanya tells Duvessa about the tradition of Elves on shelves, doorways, and other conspicuous areas.
Duvessa finds this intriguing. They part ways, and Duvessa uses her magic to shrink and enters a random home. She sees her prey...

Making sure to make no sound, she slides out of her shoes and across the shelf...

Within striking distance, she leaps like a panther!

It's over with a quick spray of polyester filling.

Duvessa is disappointed. This ... THING... has no soul. No magic. She grabs her shoes and a cookie by the fireplace, and disappears.

Well, tomorrow the kids will wake up and see their beloved companion slain viciously.

Nanya saw the tiny footprints of her sister, and followed her. She sees the 
carnage and wanton cruelty her sister had brought to the unsuspecting home. She does her best to replace all the stuffing, but it's not looking good. She hears footsteps coming down the stairs

Thinking quick, she grabs the elf's hat and takes his place on the shelf. The human child sees her, is confused, but accepts this as just more silliness of the Christmas tradition. Once the child heads out to play in the snow, Nanya disappears to find a replacement for the murdered tattletale.

Later, Nanya is enjoying an evening of Christmas music, popcorn, and the crushing of candies when she hears the sound of woodland beasts landing on her roof. Appearing before her is one of the last native elves of the Earth realm. Jolly old Saint Nicolas. He thanks her for saving that child's Christmas, gives her a package of candies, a sword, and a teddy bear, then vanishes back up the chimney.

Nanya can't wait to see what adventures 2020 will bring!

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